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Meet Katya: Keeping Our Garden Thriving

When life hands you lemons, some make lemonade, but Katya Marchuk, our exceptional onsite Sr. Area General Manager (AGM) in San Jose, grows an organic garden! Our restaurant was known for serving onsite-grown, fresh produce. However, due to a decline in guest counts, we had to make the difficult decision to cancel our gardening services.

an older woman is tending to a garden.
an older woman is tending to a garden.
Enter the resourceful Katya.

Committed to ensuring our guests continue to enjoy fresh produce, she put on her gardening gloves and took the reins. Her passion and ingenuity breathed new life into our garden.

an older woman tending to a garden in a park.
One of Katya's clever gardening hacks...

...uses a mixture of pepper and cayenne to deter pests. This natural alternative to pesticides ensures that the garden remains organic and the produce retains its pure flavors.

a lady bug sitting on top of a green plant.
an older woman is tending to a garden.
Katya's commitment to detail is exceptional.

She meticulously planned the garden layout to optimize sunlight exposure for each plant. This strategic placement ensures that every plant thrives and yields the best produce.

a bunch of radishes growing in a garden.
Katya's dedication...

...embodies the spirit of innovation and commitment to excellence that we hold dear. She didn't just save our garden; she made it flourish sustainably.